Vicky Smith creates hand built sculptures that speak of quiet, repetitive organic shapes within a framework of introspective, contemplative narratives.

Using various types of clay and temperature ranges, the surfaces are layered with combinations of slips, terrasigillatas, glazes, oils, sealants and waxes.

"I am continually intrigued by things in nature that we feel or sense but perhaps can not name.  My pieces refer to organic forms with a human presence.  I strive to create spaces that have the appearance of having been altered or imposed upon by an unseen source - something that triggers a sense of mystery and the anticipation of an experience yet to come.  I am fascinated by the play of light, shadow, and form and through the interaction of these elements, their ability to create an environment. For me, these constructs point to an interesting condition of humanity:  we often see part of a person, place or experience, but rarely do we have a complete understanding of the whole."

In addition to sculptural pieces, Vicky creates functional work, planters and handmade tiles. She enjoys the challenges and experiences of working with all types of ceramic firing and processes. Currently, she is a member of D'Art Gallery.

Vicky has taught at various area institutions throughout the years to students of all ages. "I am continually amazed at, humbled by, and grateful for the sense of community that always  seems to exist within ceramic studios."